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BROKEN DOGMA . graphics & more
An element particle fell into my sketchbook... and exploded into pink paint
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STOCK the devil drinks coffee
It's been a while hasn't it? I am still trying to change all layouts in between so please cut me some slack ^^;

42 icons
[9] Reita (The GazettE)
[9] Ruki (The GazettE)
[6] Ruka (Nightmare) x Tatsurou (MUCC)
[6] Ruiza (D)
[12] Moran (whole band)

... apparently I have a fetish for the letter "R" o.o;

Teaser 1 Teaser 2 Teaser 3

All the glory!Collapse )
♥ Silene
13th-Feb-2008 02:37 am - TUTORIAL // GRUNGE SEPIA
SID take a bow
+ Probably not translateable? (Made in PS CS3)
+ This tutorial is long and not too easy!
+ Feel free to ask any question if there are problems
+ Comments are nice! :>

GRUNGE SEPIA tutorialCollapse )

♥ Silene
28th-Jan-2008 08:37 pm - Icon Batch #4 // The TraX
I am back from my little hiatus for the last days since I had my best friend over, and am

officially 21 now!

Haha yeah I was celebrating my birthday!


28 The TraX icons

Teaser 1 Teaser 2 Teaser 3

There is a way to shine, if there's a willCollapse )
♥ Silene
19th-Jan-2008 09:33 pm - PROFILE LAYOUT // .matters in grey
I think for once again I was simply bored. And I have no photoshop here! YAY for Paint MS caps... and making borders.

Note: Since I lost my data with the table, I had to code it by hand all again right now x.x;

Coding & Live-Preview~Collapse )


If you are asking me for any kind of request, DON'T SEND ME MESSAGES THROUGH LJ IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PLUS OR PAID ACCOUNT! I cannot reply to you then.
If you dare to ask me, cause it's up to me if I am going to fulfill the request or not, send me a mail to: kogurai AT gmailDOTcom!

♥ Silene
16th-Jan-2008 04:15 am - ME MYSELF & I
KARYU live
Since I am being bored, I thought we should do something fun!
I am not able to get my ass up to make a layout with Mao now, or Tsukasa, or those colorbars I planned to make. Yes I have a lot things planned usually for this place, but mostly I lack time ... and a bit of motivation.


You can leave a comment with something you always wanted to know about me, this place or my work... or just whatever! Don't ask embarrassing things though! ^^; Please.
Feel free to ask whatever. I will answer as honestly as I can!

.... I hope I get any comments at all. xD; HAHA.

♥ Silene
15th-Jan-2008 08:47 am - 300 MEMBERS // PROFILE LAYOUT!
SID old times
YAAAAAAAAAAAY! We reached 300 members!
Thanks everybody for your appreciation of my work and your support!

And as a "gift" for today, I bring you


♥ Silene
6th-Jan-2008 05:46 am - Icon Batch #3 // TSUKASA
(Hopelly) pretty randomness at it's best!
Reading one of xx_ai_xx's comments made me do them xD;!

[12] Tsukasa


Preview Another And another

誰も射ない no discord left in melodyCollapse )
And comments are super nice! (^/)^)/~

♥ Silene
26th-Dec-2007 01:11 am - 2 COLOR PALETTES // 1 PATTERN


To all of you.

Today my computer is being a bitch thanks to my father so I am on the laptop. And no Photoshop CS3 on here so I had to occupy myself somehow!

Winter Sonata

Bloody Cappuchino

Candy Engraver

If you want to stay up to date with those thingies, or want to friend me there or anything, please visit my COLORlover profile. Yes that is me on there, and yes there is all my contact info ^^;

Please enjoy your holidays!

♥ Silene
18th-Dec-2007 12:13 am - TEXTURES // dump! #2 1xlarge; 3xsmall
too celebrate more than 200 members on this community I bring you 4 sets of textures!

Download-links & +2x 100x100 moreCollapse )

I hope you all enjoy them! Please credit and comment :>!

♥ Silene
17th-Dec-2007 10:07 pm - 200+ memebers! THANK YOU!

Thank you for joining this community and leaving me nice comments! ^^
A post with goodies will follow later :D

P.S: It surprises me how many from you are from Germany. Nun dann mal Hallöchen xD;!
1st-Dec-2007 05:41 pm - TUTORIAL // SOFT EDGES (requested)
TOSHIYA ryoku no ame
+ Feel free to ask any question if there are problems
+ Comments are nice! :>

SOFT EDGES tutorialCollapse )

♥ Silene
30th-Nov-2007 10:23 pm - TUTORIAL // BURNSTAIN
+ Probably not translateable? (Made in PS CS3)
+ Feel free to ask any question if there are problems
+ Comments are nice! :>

BURNSTAIN tutorialCollapse )

♥ Silene
30th-Nov-2007 09:22 pm - TUTORIAL // ICED GLASS
+ Probably not translateable.
+ Feel free to ask any question if there are problems
+ Comments are nice! :>

ICED GLASS tutorialCollapse )

♥ Silene
30th-Nov-2007 08:45 pm - Icon Batch #2 // AKI
Randomness at it's best.

[10] AKI

Preview Another Preview

And the small voice whispered it's the end...Collapse )
30th-Nov-2007 08:27 pm - Icon Batch #1 // KARYU
I think I just got randomly bored.


Preview Another Preview


♥ Silene
TOSHIYA ryoku no ame
Quick Info for all Textures:

+ Comments are love and motivate me to do more!
+ Please credit if you use them!

Link for the large textures under the cut!Collapse )

Download links here +1 more pack!Collapse )

♥ Silene
9th-Nov-2007 10:56 am - 3 HEADERS // Reita, Die, Hide-zou
Here are 3 headers I made once.

Quick little info:
+ Credit is a must
+ All 640px wide (Height either 410px or 450px)

Goodies under the cut!Collapse )

♥ Silene
9th-Nov-2007 10:48 am - 27 SCANS // japan
I thought since my scanner works after years again FINALLY, I should bring you this:

Go here for the downloadCollapse )

♥ Silene
5th-Nov-2007 07:49 am - 100 members! Let's celebrate~
KAORU yeah!

Thanks again once more! :> I'll make sure to post something those days, though I am in a bit of a rush right now, rather said busy with life and my health, so please be patient with me!

♥ Silene

P.S: The banner is made from the cover of a Manhwa called "절정" - The Summit
27th-Oct-2007 07:40 am - On another note about the layouts
KAORU yeah!
Dear people, members of this community,

I appreciate you guys using my layouts and liking them and so on.

But first of all:

I don't really like you changing the layouts. Then I worked for nothing.
If you really think you have to change them, cause you like the coding, CREDIT. That is all I ask for. Just write a tiny line in your userinfo like: "Original layout by nachtgrau @ brokendogma, changes by < lj user="WHATEVER YOUR LJ NAME IS" >. Writing this is not a science exam.

It makes me think if I should keep on posting layouts here.
Thank you.

Feel free to comment on this post, sharing your opinion with me.

P.S: I'll go edit the rules now.
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