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BROKEN DOGMA . graphics & more

An element particle fell into my sketchbook... and exploded into pink paint

BROKEN DOGMA . graphic's & more
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a joined graphics community

brokendogma is a joined graphics community mostly picking up on the topics of japanese entertainment industry. Maincontent are mostly icons and layouts. Furthermore you will find tutorials, profile layouts and headers on here.
This community was solely created for the purpose to share the passion for graphic-making and enjoying those pretty colorful small or big pictures on our screens.


o1 Do not steal
o2 Do not claim any of the works on this community as yours
o3 Credit is a must
o4 Textless icons are not bases
o5 Respect the artist and members

the artists

Silene nachtgrau
I am a 21 year old silesian girl with a love for graphics and layouts, having absolved a year of art academy in the Netherlands, starting media informatics this fall. I icon whatever inspires me with my programm of choice PS CS3 Extended, make layouts if I have an image of them while listening mostly to japanese rock, and take requests though she usually is not in the mood to do so. I can't stand hypocrites, liars, eliteists and oshare kei for the love of god.

RUI _hakushi
B-type. Not yet twenty, but clever enough to be. Likes drawing, music, video games, photography, graphics and considers sleeping a sport. Dislikes fakers, stress, expectations and elitists. Currently collecting gunpla and YAHAMA models. Styles: simple, clean, stock images and random inspirations. Pursuing past amateur-level for graphics. Program: Photoshop CS2.

Yuji emiru
Yuji was born and raised in Sweden, always got a love of art and Japanese musicians since the age of 13. LAREINE, Fatima and now Versailles and Moran. At the moment she is doing nothing but in January 09 Yuji will go to Japan together with a good friend to study Japanese. At age of 12 a computer came into the picture and soon things started to happen. Now at age of 18 she found this community and decided to join. Yuji mostly make icons of stuff she likes: indies bands, oldschool musicians and porn stars.

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