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BROKEN DOGMA . graphics & more
An element particle fell into my sketchbook... and exploded into pink paint
23rd-Feb-2009 04:41 am - closure
this community is


sorry guys. please do not ask me for reups anymore.
13th-Sep-2008 01:26 pm - Icon batch // 54
JOKER all it takes is a little push
Icon time!

[26] Lee Hyori
[16] Moran
[12] Tora (Alice Nine)

Wow this post is for once worksafe!Collapse )

Credit brokendogma if used.
Comments are LOVE

♥ Silene
STOCK the devil drinks coffee
Bored again.

74 icons

[45] Suicide Girls
9 AesSai - Heat Conductor
13 EllaGrace - Dress up
23 Allura - Tempted

[15] The GazettE
[4] SID
[5] SuG
[3] Hizumi (D'espairsRay)
[3] Ryousuke (Lolita23q)



Comments are love
Credit is a must

♥ Silene
SUICIDE GIRLS elza the siren
Been a while. Here we go.

145 icons

[32] 노민우 (No Minwoo / Ex-TRAX)


[10] Dana - Photos in Black
[19] Fixmer - Photos in Red
[13] Sash - Candy Lips
[23] Cori - Doppelgänger
[12] Hunter - The Charleston
[17] Calamity - Chromatic
[21] Paula - Black Fruit


NOT WORKSAFE! I warned you!Collapse )

♥ Silene

Hope you enjoyed them.
Credit is a must.
Comments are love!
22nd-Aug-2008 08:55 am - 100x100 TEXTURE PACK // 122 random
Since the last pack received such a good reception. Here is another one.

Download here at 4shared.com
(1390KB, JPEG texture pack, ZIP)

Please leave comments if you take and like them!

♥ Silene
18th-Aug-2008 08:02 am - ICON BATCH // 36 UKNOW Yunho icons
YUNHO casual
I had to do this with the recent pictures!

[36] Yunho (Dong Bang Shin Ki)

They keep coming from wall to wallCollapse )

Credit is a must.
Comments are LOVE & MOTIVATION

♥ Silene
18th-Aug-2008 05:25 am - 100x100 TEXTURE PACK // 70 random
STOCK fuji
It's been a while since I did some textures. So here we go!

Download here at 4shared.com
(906KB, JPEG texture pack, ZIP)

Please leave comments if you take and like them!

♥ Silene
11th-Aug-2008 04:28 am - 150 icons // Moran, MGS, Stock
QUOTE lmao
You might call me crazy, yes.

150 icons

[8] Moran

[46] Metal Gear Solid I Artbook

[96] stock:
[8] chocolate
[14] coffee
[9] fruits
[10] geisha
[7] icecream
[6] love
[27] spa
[15] sweets

Here it shines in all it's glory!Collapse )

Credit is a must (please credit brokendogma NOT ME)
Comments are ♥!

♥ Silene
6th-Aug-2008 04:45 am - 40 icons // REQUESTS FILLED
QUOTE youtube girlfight
Well only 10 from 15 possible requests were made and I decided to post them finally since usually I did them whenever a comment came im!


♥ Silene
2nd-Aug-2008 01:21 am - 59 icons
HITOMI coming in
While not having to do any requests, I got bored.

[5] Kaya
[49!] Uruha (The GazettE)

Moet & Chandon Brut ImperialCollapse )

Credit is a must, comments are love!

♥ Silene
23rd-Jul-2008 11:51 pm - 53 icons
SID take a bow
And again I am posting them. Just because I like making them. Excuse the Reita ones. I did them, my computer died and had to redo them.
Lesson learned: Never try to redo or immitate something.

Anyways, here we go!

[9] Ruki (The GazettE)
[11] Reita (The GazettE)
[7] Moran
[7] Kamijo (Versailles)
[10] Gazette CD covers (Regret, Guren, Filth in the Beauty)
[7] Déspairs Ray

7th layer of hell: GURENCollapse )

Credit is a must, comments are welcome!

♥ Silene
22nd-Jul-2008 07:16 pm - 2 profile layouts
I guess I got bored today and since Photoshop hate my icons last night, rather I had to restart cause the screen stayed black, I skipped to making profiles today.

Today was pink and turquoise day!

Coding hereCollapse )

Coding hereCollapse )

♥ Silene
22nd-Jul-2008 04:19 pm - [NOTE] About comments
QUOTE soul hit in crotch
I hate writing such posts but here I am not having another choice.

This community has nearly 500 members, nearly 400 watchers. How does it happen that there are 5 comments on an icon post with around 50 icons?

This does not involve the people who joined the community for layouts and such. It's actually not against community members at ALL. I leave my icon posts open so its just about those even who are not members.

The icons get promoted on different communities, still it is demotivating and makes me wonder what is qualitatively high enough to be commented on.

Is it so hard to write a simple: THANK YOU ?

Please take the 10 seconds to show some appreciation, or else I do not think there is a reason to keep on posting icons though I enjoy making them.

Besides, once this community reaches 500 members I am opening icon requests. Will make another post about that when time comes.

Thank you.
Feel free to comment

18th-Jul-2008 12:08 am - 62 icons
STOCK the devil drinks coffee
All made in one day. Enjoy. AND COMMENT.

[5] Ruki (The Gazette)
[8] Uruha (The Gazette)
[15] Aoi (The Gazette)
[6] Tora (S'elm)
[5] U-KNOW (Dong Bang Shin Ki)
[23] Lee Hyori

누난 너무 예뻐...Collapse )

Credit and comment when take!
Thank you

♥ Silene
16th-Jul-2008 08:22 pm - LAYOUT // .ELEMENT PARTICLE
QUOTE omgwtf way
God knows what rid me to use pink. So this is also the community's journal since I was planning on making a new one but I am putting it up for your use as well.

+ smooth sailing
+ sidebar
+ paid & basic
+ contextual pop up (credit to cartonage
+ all other coding by nachtgrau
+ please credit!

picture preview | live preview

A pink splatter of paintCollapse )
12th-Jul-2008 06:47 pm - 26 icons
I am on an icon spree!

26 icons
[8] SID (whole band)
[5] Reita (the Gazette)
[4] Moran (whole band)
[9] Kamijo (Versailles)

So I wish for myself...Collapse )

Credit if taking
Comments are ♥!

♥ Silene
11th-Jul-2008 11:13 pm - 54 icons
KARYU live
Finally done. Woo.

[8] D'espairsRay
[6] Reita (The Gazette)
[6] SID
[8] Moran
[27] Lee Hyori



Comment and credit when take.

♥ Silene
5th-Jul-2008 06:45 pm - New designer!
HIKARU pornstar
As for announcing new designers to the community,

please welcome Yuji emiru as an icon maker!

You can still submit emails as applications cause I am leaving one more position open!
7th-Jun-2008 02:03 am - LAYOUT // .WINTERSKYBLUES
SUICIDE GIRLS elza the siren
Actually this is the coding I did quite some time ago for myself. I hope you guys enjoy it.

+ s2 style system, SMOOTH SAILING
+ basic, paid & PLUS friendly (only vertical ad-placing!)
+ with sidebar
+ Feel free to ask any question if there are problems. I'll help the best I can.
+ Comments are nice! :>

Livepreview: bd_test18

Snowflakes in the grey winter nightCollapse )

Love and questions please in comments.

♥ Silene
7th-Jun-2008 12:52 am - LAYOUT // .IN RED
An experiment.

+ s2 style system, SMOOTH SAILING
+ basic & paid (plus with horizontal or between entries ads)
+ with horzontal sidebar
+ CUSTOM CONTEXTUAL POPUPS! (credit to: cartonage)
+ Feel free to ask any question if there are problems. I'll help the best I can.
+ Comments are nice! :>

Livepreview: bd_test16

Make me confess, shut your mouth, rip my dressCollapse )

Love and/or questions? Comment please.

♥ Silene
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